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Multiple Ways to Create Tickets

In OneDesk, tickets can be created in multiple ways. 

Internal form

Users working in OneDesk can create tickets using the internal form. 

  • Click ‘Add’ from the top bar, and select ‘ticket.’
  • Fill in the fields of the form and click create. 

You can add a customer as the 'requester' of the ticket in order to create a ticket on someone’s behalf. This action can be done on the form.

Users can also access the internal form using the mobile app. 

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You can directly connect or auto-forward your support inbox. Customers then send emails to your regular support email address and the email is automatically captured as a ticket in OneDesk. 

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Live chats

You can add the web widget to your website, allowing a customer to reach out via live chat. You can respond to live chat messages directly, or you can create a ticket from the chat. When you create a ticket, the conversation is attached to the ticket.

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Moving over from another system? You can import tickets into OneDesk from CSV, MMP, or MPT files. Click tools from the top menu and select import. Upload the file and map the fields to the right property from in OneDesk.

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Webform (request form)

A webform is a form accessible to customers, clients, or end-users. When the form is completed, a ticket is created in your account. You can provide a link to the form, embed the form to a page, or add the web widget to your site. In comparison to email, webforms allow you specify required information. 

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Tickets can be created through API, out-of-the-box integrations, and Zapier integrations. Not all out-of-the-box integrations create tickets. Go to Administration >> Integrations >> click expand to read about the selected integration. 

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