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Customer Communication Channels

Customers refer generally to the individuals you perform work for. These people might be internal (end-users) to your company or external (clients), but they submit tickets, send you requests, and so on.

With OneDesk, your customers can choose to communicate with you through the customer apps or email. OneDesk gets your communication to whatever channel your customer is using. Regardless of what they choose, all communications are centralized in OneDesk. 

Email communication

Connect or auto-forward your email to create tickets.

Tickets created through email contain all the required information, email's subject, body message, attachments, and the customer's information (name/email address). During this flow, the customer is also added as the 'requester' of the ticket, meaning they are essentially following the ticket. You can respond to the customer directly from the 'Conversations' tab on the detail panel of the ticket or from the Messenger app located on the left side bar. These replies go directly to the inbox of the customer. Your customer can respond to the replies directly from their own email. In turn, are able to see new replies on the detail panel or messenger app in OneDesk. (The conversations are synced between these locations). 

The conversation tab

Customer Apps

Customer apps refer to the various customer-facing tools your customers can use to interact, stay up-to-date, or submit tickets (or tasks) Customer apps include: Live chat, the portal, knowledgebase, and webforms.

For information on how to give customers access to these apps, see: Accessing Customer Apps

Live chat

Customers can communicate with you from the live chat . These messages appear in the internal OneDesk messenger. You can create tickets (or tasks) from live chat conversations. The conversation will be maintained on the item detail panel and also remain synced with the messenger. The customer can also continue to communicate about the item from email or the customer portal after exiting the live chat. 

Customer portal

When customers submit tickets/tasks (through email, webforms etc.) they are able to communicate and stay updated about the item from the customer portal. You can choose what details or items a customer can see in the portal. As always, conversations customers start on items in the portal are synced in the item detail panel and OneDesk messenger. 

Example portal


Webforms are a method of submitting tickets (or tasks). The customer fills in the required fields in order to submit the ticket or task. If the customer is not logged in, the webform will require an email for submission. If this customer's profile already exists in your account, the ticket will be linked to this customer's profile.

Example webform

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