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Creating Tickets and Tasks from Live Chat

You can create tickets and tasks directly from the Messenger application. Turn customer live chat messages or other communication into a ticket or task allows you to: 

  • Escalate messages into work items.
  • Link the conversation to a relevant work item.

Creating an Item from a message

Messages come into your internal Messenger app. If a customer sends a message from the customer-facing messenger (live chat), the message will not be linked to any item. In other words, it is an independent conversation. 

You can choose to create an item from by selecting the three dots in the top-right corner of the conversation window.

You are prompted to create a ticket or a task (or first enabled type in your ticket/task category) from the conversation in a dropdown.

You will be prompted to fill out the rest of the ticket or task creation form.  Some fields will be prepopulated with messages from the conversation. You can change these, the item type, and any other necessary fields before creating the item.

Select “Create” and the item you have created will be placed inside its respective application, just like any other ticket or task in OneDesk.

No Information Lost

Choosing to create a ticket from an existing and ongoing conversation is seamless in OneDesk. You don’t lose any messages when creating an item from the original conversation.

For example, the ticket created above exists in our tickets application. Accessing that ticket, the original conversation (and an automated message sent to the customer) still exists in the conversations tab.

This conversation also still exists in OneDesk’s messenger application. Back in the messenger, note that the conversation has also received the automated message and that you can now access its linked ticket from underneath the customer’s name.

Messages sent in the messenger or the ticket detail panel will appear in the other location. You do not need to limit yourself to communicating in only one place.

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