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Cannot See a Property / Field

Can’t see a property on the detail panel

Follow this article if the following applies to your situation:

  • You cannot see a property on the detail panel of your tickets, task, projects, etc. This includes default properties (e.g. priority) as well as custom fields.
  • Your custom field appears on some tickets, tasks, etc. but not others. 

If you cannot perform an action or the field appears grayed out, see instead:

Check if the property or custom field is enabled on the detail panel:

Properties can be removed from the detail panel.

(You must be an admin-level user to check this) 

  • Go to Administration -> then select the admin settings of item you want to check. (For example, if you are looking to add the property to the tickets panel, go to Admin -> Tickets. If you are looking to configure the detail panel of customer profiles, go to Admin -> Customers).
  • Scroll to the 'Detail Panel Properties' section.
  • Check if the property you are looking for is listed. If not, you can add it by selecting Add Property. 

Check if the custom field visibility is limited to certain projects:

If your property is a custom field and it is listed as being on the item’s detail panel per the above instructions, then it may be hidden from the project. When you create custom fields you can choose which project you would like it to appear within. In which case, the field would be hidden from the tickets/tasks of other projects.

  • Head to Administration -> Custom Fields.
  • Expand the 'Add and edit custom fields' menu.
  • Find the custom field you are looking for and check under the project column which projects it is visible in.
  • Select the pencil icon to add it to the additional projects you would like it to appear on.

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