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Cannot Perform an Action

If you cannot perform a certain action, it is likely due to a permission level. This article will guide you through some common reasons and solutions. 

Follow this article if the following applies to your situation:

  • You cannot perform a certain action (e.g. an action is grayed out, you received an error about permission).

If you are having trouble finding a particular ticket/task/project, or with accessing an application, see instead:

You cannot perform a certain action

( Check what your secure level is from your profile. Click your 'My Profile' in the upper right corner menu > select the Permission & Notification tab).

(For non-admin-level user)

Check your application permissions

The application may be limited based on your app permissions.

  • Head to the Permissions and Notifications tab from your user profile.
  • If an application is set to anything besides 'full access' it means the app function is limited. For example, in 'standard' timesheet access you cannot edit a timesheet. 
  • If you think this is a mistake, you should contact an admin user in your account. 

Learn more about application permissions: Security Roles & User App Permissions

(For both admin and non-admin-level users)

Check your project / team permissions

You can have roles in your teams and projects. Roles vary from 'Project Manager' to 'Restricted Member' and determine what actions you can perform to items in the project. When you have a team role, that role will be applied to all projects shared with your team. Typically, projects are shared on a team-level. Projects can also be shared on an individual-level. Individual project roles can also be applied in this case. 

Learn more about specifics about roles/sharing:

You can check your team/project roles from your profile.

  • Click your profile in the upper right corner.
  • Check the role within your team, indicated beside the team 'bubble'.

  • Check your role within all your projects by selecting 'Manage Projects' from your profile. You can also check roles within a certain project from the project detail panel (double click on the project name from your work views). 
  • If you see anything besides 'PM' (Project Manager) in your team or project roles, it means you have some limited functions in the project. 
  • If you think this is a mistake, you should contact a user in the project with the 'PM' Project Manager role. 

Click on the project to open the detail panel. All users belonging to the project and their respective roles are displayed here. 

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