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Adding and Removing Detail Panel Properties

The detail panels for your items, timesheets, customers, and more, can be customized to best suit your organization’s needs. Remove unnecessary information, add in other fields OneDesk offers, or create your own custom fields for a wide range of customization options.

Changing What Properties Appear on the Detail Panel

You can change what appears on the detail panel for tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, customers, and users. Additionally, you can choose what properties are visible on the customer portal’s detail panel.

To access the detail panel settings, go to More Applications -> Administration -> the specific settings for the detail panel you wish to change. As an example, let’s add the property “Planned Work” to our ticket detail panel, so we access our ticket settings and scroll down to the “Ticket Detail Panel Properties” section.

Properties can be added by scrolling to the bottom of the section and selecting “Add another property to the detail panel”. There are several properties included by default in OneDesk to add, and you can also add any created custom fields. Properties can be removed with the “X” toward the right side of the specific property. Let’s add in the “Planned Work” property.

After adding the property it now appears on our ticket’s detail panel:

Changing Properties Visible on the Customer Portal

An item’s detail panel can have its properties changed as they appear on the Customer Portal as well. In More Applications -> Administration -> Portal, scroll down to the “Features and Properties to Display” section to edit what appears.

Unchecking a box will prevent it from displaying to customers on the Customer Portal, while checking a box will make it visible. Under the “Features” heading you can also edit what filter options are available to customers on the Customer Portal. OneDesk also maintains an article on customer portal visibility settings if you wish to change what items in general customers can see.

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