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Inviting Customers to the Portal / Prevent Customers from Registering Themselves

The OneDesk Customer Portal provides an easily accessible space for your customers to submit tickets and view the status of their items which your team is working on. By default, customers can register on the portal for themselves. Alternatively, you can invite customers individually to register for the portal. 

Creating Customers in OneDesk

There are a variety of ways to get customers into your OneDesk account. For example, you can manually add customers with the “Add” button at the top of the screen. You can import customers from a file or import customers through an integration. Customers are created automatically when they submit tickets by auto forwarding emails sent to your support email to a ticket creation address in OneDesk. By default, customers can also register on the portal and create an account for themselves.

Once customers have been created in OneDesk, access their customer invitation options from More applications -> Customers . You can see whether they are invited to the portal or not in the default view.

Prevent Customers from registering on their own

By default, customers can register on the portal on their own. If you prefer to personally invite specific customers, you can prevent customers from registering. Head to Administration > General Settings > scroll down to Customer Registration.

Uncheck the box "Permit customers to register themselves." You will now need to invite customers to register.

Inviting Customers to the Portal

You can invite (or re-invite) customers to the portal from the Customers application. Click the 'Action' icon (three dots) beside the customer you wish to invite. Select invite (or re-invite) customer from the menu. 

Alternatively, double click on the customer to open their profile, then select “send invitation”:

An email inviting the customer to join the portal will be sent to the email which is associated with their account. 

The customer will then need to complete registration on their end and can then access the portal by logging in with these credentials on the widget, or from the portal’s access URL (if a login is specified as required in your portal settings). 

If a customer is having trouble receiving an email, check and see if the expected email is associated with them in the customers application. Other common reasons why users and customers may not receive emails are explained here.

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