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Importing Customers

You can import customers into your OneDesk from .csv files.

Before importing

There are a few things to know and/or do before importing.


  1. Ensure that you really need to use the import function. Importing will bring in a lot of old legacy data that you may be better off without. Customer profiles are automatically created in your OneDesk as you receive emails from customers.
  2. An email address is a required property in order to import. Other properties are optional but include: first name, last name, customer organization, address details, and any custom fields. If you have data that does not easily map to default fields, create a custom field before importing. (More on Custom Fields).
  3.  Start by importing a test sample of a couple customers. This is to ensure that the data imports the way you want before you add it all. 


IMPORTANT: If you wish to import old tickets/tasks and would like them to be assigned to the correct user (as assignee), or corresponding customer (as requester), then ensure that you have that user or customer record created in OneDesk first. OneDesk will then link them using the email address as the key. If the user is not already added, OneDesk will create a customer/user if an email address is included in your import file (in the assignee or requester columns) and the user/customer does not already exist.

How to import


Step 1: Click Tools on the top bar

Step 2: Select Import

Step 3: Select ‘Customers

Step 4: Upload the csv file you wish to import.

Step 5: Map the columns to the appropriate fields using the dropdown menus. When finished mapping, click import, then Done. 

Step 6: You are now done importing. You may close the notification window and the import will continue in the background while you work. It may take a few minutes to complete the import.

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