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Timesheet Approvals

Timesheets allow you to mark and keep track of approved or unapproved time. Timesheet approvals are especially useful in conjugation with financials and invoicing features. For example, a manager may want to approve time before it is added to a customer invoice. 

In order to use approval status, you may need to add the approval status property to your timesheets. To add approval status to your timesheet detail panel go to Administration > Timesheets > select Add another property to the detail panel >  select Approval Status.

(See also: About Timesheet Detail Panels)

Set a default approval status 

You can set whether newly submitted timesheets are approved or unapproved by default. For instance if you want most submitted timesheets to already be set to approved, you should set the default to approved. 

To set the default approval status:

Admin > Timesheets > Default Settings

Approving a timesheet

Approvals can only be done by admin-level users or a non-admin who has been given ‘full access’ to timesheets.

To learn more about permissions see: Security Roles & App Permissions.

To approve a timesheet, go to the Timesheets app and open the timesheet detail panel (double click the timesheet). 

Click the approval status bubble and set the desired status. 

Bulk edit the approval status

You can use macros to edit multiple timesheets at once. See: Timesheet Macros

Automations for approval status

You can set automations based on timesheets. (If you are not yet familiar with automations see: About Automations). Depending on your goals, there are a variety of ways to use approval status in automations. 

To create a new automation, go to Admin > Automation Center > click Create Workflow Automation and select timesheets from the dropdown. Here are a few example automations:

Send an email template to notify someone when a timesheet becomes approved. 

Automatically set a timesheet to approved if it meets a certain condition. I.e. a timesheet submitted by a certain employee, for a certain customer, in a certain project, etc. For example, below any timesheet submitted where the customer org 'Acme' is the invoiceable customer org will be automatically approved.  

Automatically add a note when a timesheet becomes approved.

There are other possible automations. If you need assistance creating a specific automation, feel free to reach out to the support team.