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Timesheet Detail Panel / Edit Timesheets

The timesheet detail panel is where the contents and properties of your timesheets appear. After submitting a timesheet via the form, you can access the timesheet by navigating to the detail panel. Use the detail panel to view, edit, or manage the timesheet. Commonly, managers will access the detail panel to change the approval or billable status of a timesheet.

Navigate to the timesheet detail panel

You can navigate to a timesheet detail panel from a few places. 

1.From an item (ticket or task) > the Timesheets tab > click the ID of the timesheet. This will navigate directly to the selected timesheet's detail panel. 

2.From the item Timesheets tab > select ‘Go to Timesheets App’. This will display the item and all associated timesheets. You can open the detail panel of any timesheet from this grid. 

3.From the Timesheets app double click to open the timesheet. (Or select Tools > Dock detail panels on right and select the timesheet).

Access to timesheets

By default, non-admins can view timesheet detail panels but cannot edit a timesheet. Non-admins can also have 'limited access' or 'timer access only.' For these permission settings, the Timesheets app is not accessible. 

Only admins or non-admins with ‘full access’ to timesheets can edit any timesheet. Non-admins with 'standard plus' access can edit their own timesheets only. 

Learn more about app permission and timesheet access levels: User App Permissions

Edit a timesheet 

With 'full access' or admin status, you can edit any properties on the timesheet detail panel.

To edit a timesheet, simply navigate to the timesheet detail panel (see steps above), and edit the desired property. 

If you do not see a property it may be because it is hidden from the detail panel. See below.

Add or remove properties from the timesheet detail panel

To configure your timesheet detail panel go to: Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Detail Panel Properties 

To remove a property select the ‘x’ under the actions column. 

To add a property, select 'Add another property to the detail panel'. Select any property you want to show on the timesheet detail panel. You can also add custom fields you have created. 

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