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Macros on Timesheets

In OneDesk you can modify multiple Timesheets at once, through the use of macros. Macros are tools in OneDesk which apply specified changes to all selected items at the same time. You can choose a variety of properties to modify at once with macros.

Accessing and Applying Macros to Timesheets

To apply macros to your timesheets, go to More Applications -> Timesheets and select the timesheets you wish to apply a macro to.

After selecting the necessary timesheets, access the actions menu by selecting the three dots beside in the “Actions” column. Choose “Modify Items” to be prompted to create and/or apply a new macro.

Available properties to change through macros on timesheets include the start/finish date, billing type, requesters/followers, timesheet notes, and custom fields.

Once done, select “Apply This Macro” to apply the specified changes to the selected timesheets. Selecting “Save This Macro” will save it under the “Tools” button for future use.

Timesheet Macros Example 1: Approval Status

Let’s make a macro which automatically approves timesheets. First, add the property “Approval Status” to the timesheets detail panel at More Applications -> Administration -> Timesheets if it is not already added.

Now that this property has been added, go to the Timesheets application at More Applications -> Timesheets and select the timesheets to apply this approval macro to. In the “Actions” column, modify the items, and in the macro menu change the “Approval Status” field to “approved”.

Save the macro to keep it for future use, or just apply it if it is needed only once. Now all selected timesheets will be automatically marked as approved.

Timesheet Macros Example 2: Customer Approval Custom Field

As another example, let’s create a macro to automatically mark the custom field on timesheets “Customer Approval” to “Approved by Customer”. Add this custom field to timesheets from More Applications -> Administration -> Custom Fields.

Select the timesheets in the Timesheets application to approve, and choose to modify the items from the “Actions” column.

In the macro creation menu, select “Approved by Customer” under the dropdown menu for the “Customer Approval” custom field.

Apply this macro to change this field for all selected timesheets.

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