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Installing On-Premise

1: Installation and repository 

Follow the technical instructions and configuration for installing your on-premise instance: https://repo.onedesk.com/

2: Setup SMTP

Setup your SMTP for emails from Administration -> Emails -> Settings. See Email/SMTP for details.

3: License Key

After you have successfully installed OneDesk, you will need a License key to enable the number of user-licenses you have purchased. Please reach out to us at support@onedesk.com and provide us with the following information:

  • Your ‘Identity Key’ : Can be found under Administration > Subscription inside OneDesk.
  • Your ‘URI’ : the subdomain where you have installed OneDesk (uri.yourserver.com). You can find your URI in Administration -> Company Preferences. (For more information on the URI see: URI in OneDesk). 

After we receive these details we will generate and send you the License Key to activate your account. Once you insert your License Key, refresh your page and you can now access full features. 

After installation:

For future updates of OneDesk, you will receive an email with the necessary update files and a walkthrough on updating the On-Premise version of OneDesk. If you wish to purchase additional user-licenses please reach out to hello@onedesk.com and we can provide you with an updated License Key.