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Email Integration / Custom SMTP

OneDesk offers email integration to :

  • Connect your incoming email to create tickets from your support inbox.
  • Connect your SMTP to send outgoing emails in OneDesk from your own inbox.

(This article focuses on SMTP and outgoing emails. For more on incoming emails or the email to ticket flow overall, see: Email Flow)

Use your own SMTP email server to send email

OneDesk’s email servers make use of robust email infrastructure to send emails on your behalf. We send your ticket notifications, conversations, and all other emails using some of the most reliable email-delivery partners in the world. However if you want to use your own email servers to send your helpdesk email, OneDesk provides an SMTP connector which you can configure inside your OneDesk account.

Send Using Your Own SMTP Server

If you manage your own SMTP server and would prefer to use that rather than our server to send email, you can switch this feature on. This setting can be found under:

Administration > Email > Settings > Outgoing Email Servers > "Add Outgoing Email"

Here you will find a few options. 

  1. Use your Microsoft Office 365 SMTP Server - If you use Office 365 you can easily connect, via OAuth, to send your outgoing emails via your O365 SMTP server. (For the online version only, not local Outlook).
  2. Use you Google Workspace / Gmail server - If Google is your email provider, you can connect an outgoing email by using a Google App Password.
  3. Use your own SMTP server for outgoing email - Fill in the fields and click “Validate and send test email.”

Use OneDesk’s email servers - The default setting, this will use OneDesk’s servers to send outgoing emails.

Using your own SMTP server

(Custom SMTP is available for Enterprise level plans only)

  1. Click 'Add Outgoing Email' and select Custom SMTP.
  2. Fill in the required fields found in the popup window. 
  3. Send a test email to validate your configuration. 

Using Google Workspace / Gmail server via App Password

  1. Click 'Add Outgoing Email' and select Gmail Account.
  2. Create a Gmail App Password in your support account. Note: You must have 2FA turned on in your support account to use an App Password. See Create Gmail App Password for detailed instructions/information on creating an App Password.
  3. Enter your support address and the App Password into the window. Note: Do not use your user/personal email here. You should connect a support/company address, e.g. support@mycompany.com.

Using Office 365 SMTP server via OAuth (Modern Authentication) 

When using OAuth you do not need to set a 'From' address from reply settings, as emails will be sent as the address you have authenticated as.

Keep in mind that:

  • You must have the permissions to send as the email you authenticate with.
  • You must ensure that SMTP AUTH is enabled on this user mailbox. See Microsoft documentation for instructions on enabling authenticated SMTP.

Some things to know about this SMTP:

  • If you use your own server we will not be able to track your outgoing emails and provide you information on their delivery status. You will need to check your own server records for this.
  • If you have incorrectly configured your SMTP server or your server is unavailable, this will result in lost emails.
  • Unless you are using the O365 OAuth, be sure to set the 'From' addresses in your reply settings. 

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