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URI in OneDesk

What is the URI?

The URI is an unique identifier used to distinguish your OneDesk account. The URI is automatically generated upon creation of your account based upon your company name. If an account is made through Google or Microsoft, the URI will be generated as a random string.

How is the URI used?

The URI is used for various purposes within your account: 

  • It is used within the URL of your OneDesk account. It is possible to login via yourURI.onedesk.com (though you can also simply go to app.onedesk.com and you will be redirected to your account upon login).

  • The URI is used in the string for your customer apps and thus within the customer access URL for your customer apps. 

  • The URI is contained within the JavaScript snippet used to embed your customer-facing widget onto your website.

  • The URI is used within the ‘creation email address’ used to auto forward emails from your support email address into tickets in OneDesk. 

How do I change the URI?

If you want a new URI, please get in touch with the OneDesk team and we will change it manually. (In the future it may be possible to change the URI yourself.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your URI is changed, any applied email auto-forwarding rules, external links to your portal, or the embedded widget will no longer work. If we change the URI for you, you will need to re-embed your portal to your website, create a new auto forward rule from your support email, and so on.