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Emails Are Not Going Out

Outgoing email is off

Be sure outgoing emails are enabled in your OneDesk account. 

  • Go to Administration >> Emails >> Settings tab. 
  • Scroll down to Email Filters.
  • Ensure Outgoing Email is ON.

If your outgoing email was off, any emails sent during that time will not be sent later. In other words, you will need to resend any messages.

Email was not delivered

Go to Administration >> Emails >> Outgoing tab. Here you can check the status of your outgoing emails. Click the 'action menu' (three dots) beside the email to get more details of why the email was not sent.

  • If an email sent from OneDesk returns a “hard bounce” (indicating that the destination server returned a ‘hard bounce’ code), the email will be added to our bounce list and no further emails will be sent to that address from our side. If the address does in fact exist, or is created after the fact, then this will mean the address is not receiving any messages from OneDesk. 
  • If the email shows as dispatched and not yet delivered, you will just need to wait a little longer.
  • If it shows as delivered to the correct email, try checking your spam folder.
  • If the email has not been delivered at all, you can gain insight into the reason why from the above panel. 

If an email address has bounced and needs to then be removed from the bounce list, or an email is continuously not received after verifying that it is being shown as delivered from OneDesk, feel free to get in contact with support@onedesk.com.

(Note: If you are using your own SMTP instead of OneDesk’s servers, you will not have any outgoing history in your outgoing list. Instead you will need to check the status from your own server). 

SMTP / Outgoing email is configured correctly

If you are using your own SMTP, ensure it is configured correctly. 

View and configure your outgoing emails channels from Administration >> Email >> Settings.

  • If you are using a custom SMTP server, make sure the fields are configured correctly. Validate and send a test email. 
  • If your outgoing channel is Google or Office 365, try removing the outgoing channel and reconnecting. 
  • If the above does not work, try disconnecting your SMTP, then sending an email using OneDesk’s servers. If using OneDesk's servers works, it may indicate an issue on the side of your SMTP. 

Email rate limit reached

To combat the potential for spam, emails sent from OneDesk are subject to rate limits based on the type of account – trial, new subscriber, and subscriber. 

If you have reached the email sending rate limit, no more emails will be sent out from the account for the day. The administrator will be sent an email letting them know that the limit has been reached. These rate limits cannot be modified for trial accounts, but once you have a paid account the rate limit will be extended. If you reach a limit while on a paid account, please reach out to support@onedesk.com for further information.

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