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Automation with Keywords

Workflow automations in OneDesk are powerful tools to streamline your day-to-day activities. Items can have actions automatically applied in response to conditions which you set. 

Workflow automations can be configured to create actions in response to specific “keywords” input in an item. For example, an automation can be made to mark tickets resolved when the last message sent is “close ticket”.

Access Workflow Automations

To create a new workflow automation, first head to more applications > Administration > Automations

You can edit existing automations here with the pencil icon, delete automations with the trash icon, toggle whether an automation is enabled or not, and create entirely new automations.

Creating keyword automations

Example - Close a ticket when a message is posted

Let’s create an automation such that when the last message sent in a conversation is “close ticket”, the ticket we are conversing inside is automatically given a lifecycle status of “Resolved”.

Select the “Create Workflow Automation” button at the top-left of the workflow automation section to appear at the following screen:

The “Runs on” section is where we choose what items to include under our automation - choose tickets here, and add a filter such that the last message sent is “close ticket”. Our trigger, then, is what will cause the automation to run. Set the trigger to be when a message is added. The action is what will actually be performed when the trigger is met on the ticket - this should be to set the ticket’s lifecycle status to “Resolved”. Your final automation will look like this:

Select save and this automation will become active and mark tickets as resolved when the last message sent is “close ticket”.

Example 2 - Categorize an incoming ticket based on a keyword

We can automatically route, assign, or categorize incoming tickets based on keywords. Let's create an example automation that fills in a custom field based on the keyword. For example, I have a choice custom field called 'department' and if the ticket contains the word 'sales', the word sales would be inserted into the 'department' custom field. 

For the 'Runs on' section, we will select the filter 'name' or 'description' field contains '#sales'. 'Name' refers to the title (or email subject line) while description corresponds to the description property of the ticket (or body of an email).  

Next let's add the trigger condition 'Item is created', meaning whenever this ticket is created, whether through email, forms, etc., this automation will perform our selected action. 

Lastly, we should add the action, in this case, 'change custom field'. Select the custom field we want configured, and what to information to add into the field.  

You can utilize the same general format to create other automations for your Tickets, Tasks, Projects, and Timesheets, which run on keywords as you desire. If you would like inspiration for other useful automations to have in OneDesk, check out this article.

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