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Disable Default Auto-Creations

In a newly created OneDesk account, there are a number of automations and settings turned on by default to help get you started. In this article I want to focus on two defaults that create new things in your account automatically. One creates projects and the other creates customer organizations. If you do not want items created automatically, follow this guide. 

 Automation that creates customer projects

If you go to Administration >> Automation Center , you will see an automation with the ID of A23

What does it do?

This automation will run on any item that is created by a customer account. When a customer submits a ticket to you, for example, this automation will automatically create a project titled “Submitted by [Customer Organization]” and your ticket will be placed inside this project instead of the “Outside of Projects” sections of your Tickets application. Then all items submitted by this customer organization will land in this project.

Turn off the automation:

If you do not want a project created for your customer organizations, simply delete or disable this automation. To disable toggle A23 off. To delete, select the trash icon next to A23. 

Setting that create customer organizations

What does it do?

There is another setting in OneDesk turned on by default which creates a customer organization automatically based on the customer’s email domain. For example if customer@example.com sends you a ticket the organization ‘example.com’ will be created for you. You can add multiple domains to this organization to group customers into this organization automatically based on their domain.

Turn it off:

However, if you do not want OneDesk to create customer organizations automatically you can instead turn this setting off. 

  • Go to Administration >>  Customers
  • Uncheck the setting “Automatically create customer organization based on domain”

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