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Auto-Triage Customer Requests

OneDesk helps you to auto-triage incoming customer requests based on customer organization. You can create workflow automations that can take action once a customer request is received.


On the bottom left, click More Applications and then Customers App. Here, you will find your individual customers grouped under their respective organizations.

Double click on a company organization. In the organization’s detail panel, you will see that you can route new customer requests using workflow automations. Click ‘add routing action’. 

Note: You can also go directly to Tickets > Workflow Automations and apply the filter Requester(organization)

In the pop-up, you can add one or more actions that will be taken once a new request is received from this company organization.


For example, you can automatically assign incoming customer requests from a certain organization to a specific agent.

You could also move the organization’s request to a specified project, create subtasks, make an individualized reply and much more.


For more on automations and auto-routing options please see:

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