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Automated Routing

Minimize manual and repetitive work with auto-routing. You can use OneDesk’s workflow automations to route tickets and tasks (items) in any stage of their lifecycle to where they need to go. Auto-route items to projects, individual team members, teams, by round-robin, and more.

Set up an automation

To set up a new automation go to More Applications > Administration > Automations > click Create Workflow Automation

Automations have three main components: Run, Trigger & Action

  1. Run selects what item or item type the automation will be applied to. For example, let's select a ticket. Optionally, you can add one or more filters to narrow down the conditions of when this automation will run. For example, let's select the filter 'requester (organization)'. The automation will then only run on tickets from the specified organization.
  2. Trigger indicates when the action will be performed. For example, let’s select this automation to trigger every time this ticket is created.
  3. Action sets one or more actions that OneDesk will take. For example, let's add the action 'change priority to 5 stars.'

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