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Email Queues (Forwarding Email Addresses)

What are Email Queues?

In OneDesk, ‘Email Queues’ refer to the stream of incoming, auto-forwarded emails from an email address. As such, each email you have set up auto forwarding on has its own ‘Email Queue.’ These Email Queues appear under 'Queues' in your Incoming Email Settings. 

View Email Queues

Go to Administration >> Emails >> Settings >> and scroll down to Incoming Email / Queues. This section provides a list of all email addresses you have connected or set up auto-forwarding from. 

Note: If you have disabled forwarding from an email, the email will still appear in your forwarding addresses list. However, the email will remain unused and will otherwise not affect your account or workflows. You can delete unused queues if you would prefer.

Manual Forwarding

OneDesk detects when an email has been manually forwarded rather than auto forwarded. Manual forwarding from an email to OneDesk will create a ticket as normal. However, the email address you sent the manual forward from will not be captured in your list of Forwarding Email Addresses.

Configure Email Queue Name and Color

By default, the Email Queue Name will match the username of the email address, however you can easily change the name to anything you want in the list. 

For example, in the above image, my first Email Queue Name was generated from my email’s username ‘erinexample’ and I have left it as this default. While for my second forwarding email queue I have changed the Queue Name to ‘SUPPORT’. 

You can also change the tag colour for each email queue, by clicking the colour swatch. The tag colour is helpful for quickly determining the origin of your tickets from your ticket portal.

Utilizing the Email Queue Name and Tag

With email queues configured, it is easy to keep track of where your tickets originated and to implement workflows around this information. Within your tickets portal, click the cog wheel at the top of your columns and turn on the column ‘Incoming Email Queue’.

You can save this view setting (and any other view options you use) by creating a custom view. (Custom Views)

Incoming email queue is now displayed

Auto-Routing based on Email Queue

Auto-routing based on Email Queue is an extremely useful automation we recommend. For example, I might want all my tickets from the ‘Support’ Email Queue routed and assigned to my customer support team., while another queue is routed to a separate team. Let’s see how we could set-up this routing rule. Follow the example below.

Create Automation

Go to Administration > Tickets > Create Workflow Automation

  • Start by running the automation on tickets.
  • Next add the filter incoming email queue > is > 'Your queue name' (e.g. support)
  • Add a trigger condition so that this automation runs every time a ticket is created.
  • Finally the action will be to assign the tickets to the desired agent/team (e.g. Customer Support Team).

Ticket routing can also be used to move tickets to projects, send customized auto-replies, and much more. (See other articles on automation for help and ideas)

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