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Kanban / Status Board

A Kanban board is a project management tool to visualize work. Kanban boards consist of cards and columns. The cards are work items, while the columns typically represent different statuses or steps in your workflow.  In OneDesk the Kanban board, called status board, is available for tickets, tasks, projects, and articles. You can also change the columns to represent other properties besides statuses, such as priority or assignee.

Use a board view to: 

Visualize the progress of work items.

Limit the number of in progress tasks at a given time. 

Interactively update the status of work items

Visualize and interactively update other properties such as priority and assigned work.

Access the board

The board is available in the Tickets, Tasks, Projects, Articles apps. 

On the left view panel, select the status board. 

If you do not see the status board in your list, it may be turned off in the current app. If you are an admin user, you can turn it on:

  • Hover over the views side panel. 
  • Select the cogwheel beside 'Views.'
  • Under 'System Views' check the status board ON. 
  • The board view will now be available in the current app for all users in your organization. 

Using the board

The columns on the board correspond to the statuses of your items and item types. In other words, to configure the names of the statuses in the columns, you should configure the statuses of your tickets, tasks, or projects. (Configure statuses from Admin > Tickets, Admin > Tasks, or Admin > Projects. See also : Lifecycle Status).

Move an item to another status:

  • Click and drag the card into another column. The work item will now be set to the corresponding status. 
  • To move multiple work items at a time, hold Ctrl and click the desired items. Proceed to drag the selected items to the desired column. 

Edit an item:

  • Click the desired work item. Select the pencil icon. A tab will open to edit the item. Alternatively, in the top bar, go to Tools > Dock detail panels on right. This allows you to edit the item without leaving the board view. 

Delete an item:

  • Click the desired item. Select the trash icon. 

Create an item on the board: 

  • Click the add button, which appears at the bottom of the column upon hover or click the three dots at the top of the column. 
  • Click a card and select the icon 'Insert New Item'. Enter a name. An item will be created under the item you first selected.

Customizing the board view

You can customize the board view by altering the grouping (columns), filters, column visibility and card properties. Like other work views in OneDesk, you can save changes to a new view which will be saved to your side panel. See also: Custom Views. 

Customize columns (grouping)

  • Hover the views side panel. Click the plus icon beside 'My Views'.
  • Select 'Card' under layouts. 
  • To change what your columns represent, you can select a different grouping. Available groupings are: Assignees, Lifecycle status, Priority, and Project.  
  • Optionally add filters to narrow which tickets, tasks, or projects are displayed.

Customize column display

You can hide or show different columns.

  •  Select the cogwheel on the board. 
  • Hover 'Show/Hide Columns'.
  • Column changes can be saved to your custom view by selecting the save icon beside 'unsaved view' in the side panel.

Customize card properties

You can configure the item properties which appear on the cards.

  • Click the cogwheel at the top left of the board.
  • Hover 'Configure Card Properties'.
  • Property changes can be saved to your custom view by selecting the save icon beside 'unsaved view' in the side panel.

Other customization options 

  • Column order - Hover the top of the column. Click and drag the column to the desired position. 
  • Column width - Hover the side of a column.  Click and drag the column to the desired width. 

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