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Email Management

Email to Ticket
OneDesk automates the ticket creation process through email capture. Ensure that no request is lost nor left unnoticed and overall improve request tracking. How does the email to ticket flow work? Th
Notifications & Emails
What are Notifications & Emails? A notification’s purpose is to inform you about what you need to know through different channels. You receive notifications to your messenger inbox if a new message i
Alternative Email Threading
When an email comes into OneDesk, the email is captured and the system determines whether the email relates to an already existing conversation, or if the email should be created as a new ticket. Thi
Auto-Forwarding Using Outlook / O365
Auto-forwarding is a method of creating tickets. With auto-forwarding, you setup an automatic forwarding rule from your inbox to a OneDesk creation email. Your customers email your regular support em
Email Appearance
OneDesk lets you customize the appearance of the emails it sends out on your behalf. If you have completed the Getting Started Wizard in OneDesk, you would have already edited aspects of the header (
Auto-forwarding Using Gmail / Gsuite
Here are instructions to set up an auto-forward rule for Gmail / Gsuite. After this is done, you will be automatically capturing emails and creating tickets and customer records in your OneDesk accou
Email Tracking
OneDesk keeps a log of all emails that have been sent and received by your OneDesk in the last 72 hours. This allows you to have full transparency of your emails. You can view your email records by c
Emails and the Messaging Center
OneDesk lets you automate the sending of emails based on triggers that you set, allowing you to quickly respond to incoming customer requests and to update users and customers on information related
Modifying & Creating Email Templates
OneDesk includes automated email templates to assist you in communicating with your users and customers. These email templates are completely customizable - you can edit the existing templates as you
Emails are Not Being Received
Occasionally you may fail to receive an email from OneDesk when you expect one. In this circumstance, there are several possible reasons why the email could not be delivered or received - some more c
Dynamic Conversation Properties: How to Add & What They Do
There are several locations in OneDesk where you can insert properties which will update dynamically in response to unique information about the item, project, or timesheet the message is being sent
Viewing and Changing User and Customer Email Addresses
When you create a user or customer account inside OneDesk, you set the email address associated with the user or customer account. This address can be viewed inside OneDesk and changed in the future.
Email Queues (Forwarding Email Addresses)
What are Email Queues? In OneDesk, ‘Email Queues’ refer to the stream of incoming, auto-forwarded emails from an email address. As such, each email you have set up auto forwarding on has its own ‘Ema
Automated Emails
OneDesk lets you automate emails to save time for your agents and to improve customer relationships. Automated emails allow you to send email templates based on automated rules. For instance, create
Email Settings
OneDesk helps you manage your ticket flow by receiving and sending emails. You can connect your support inbox(es) to receive emails as tickets. You can then send outgoing email responses from the tic
Prevent Email Loops
In OneDesk to capture emails as tickets, you will auto-forward or connect your support email. By default, OneDesk has an auto-reply turned on, which replies to the original sender confirming the rece
The Email Flow
Receive emails as tickets from one or multiple inboxes, so multiple agents can respond to customers from a central application collaboratively. How the email flow works In short, the email flow works
User Notifications
User Emails & Notifications In-app, push and email notifications can be configured on an individual user basis. Access your own notification settings from the top right user menu and click on My Noti
Filter Which Emails Get Turned into Tickets
Tickets can be created through direct connection with your support inbox, or by auto-forwarding your support inbox to a OneDesk ticket creation email. When this happens, a ticket is captured in OneDe
Test Incoming / Outgoing Email Channels
This article is intended to guide you through testing your incoming and outgoing channels, particularly if you have received a warning that your email may not be connecting anymore. This warning occu
Email Integration - Custom IMAP
OneDesk offers email integration to : Connect an O365/Gmail account directly via OAuth/App Password - Receives emails as tickets and sends replies from the same connected inbox. Auto Forward an inbox
Microsoft O365: Enable External Forwarding (Email Could not be Forwarded)
Microsoft 365 accounts default to block automatic email forwarding. When using the auto-forward method for creating tickets to OneDesk, you may need to take additional steps. You may receive the foll
Encrypted Email Handling (Microsoft 365)
The way OneDesk handles encrypted emails from MS 365 depend largely on the type of encryption being used. About email encryption in Microsoft 365 There are 3 levels/methods of encryption in MS 365: O