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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Report Scheduling
OneDesk ships with some pre-set report templates. These let you quickly generate reports on tickets, tasks, projects, timesheets, and invoices with just a few clicks. However OneDesk also lets you cr
Work Audit: Tracking User Activity
OneDesk lets you audit work with access to a full-trail transparent history of events and changes in you account. Get visibility to ticket, task, or projects updates, external and internal communicat
View Exporting: Exporting Data
OneDesk allows you to export data in CSV. Aside from the built-in reports and charts in OneDesk, exporting can be useful for performing data analysis. You can export data in Tree or Flat view from th
Custom Chart Dashboard
OneDesk allows you to view a dashboard of graphs and charts that display data about tickets, tasks, projects, customer satisfaction, and more. The data from these charts can be exported as images or
Reporting: How to Create Specific Reports in OneDesk
OneDesk’s reporting tool is a versatile way to present data relating to your business. There are many templates which exist by default in OneDesk, but if you have specific needs you can create and ru
Industry Specific Chart Dashboards
The analytics dashboard in OneDesk can be used to quickly view performance indicators and relevant charts for your organization. This dashboard can be configured to easily show the charts and date ra
Examples of Custom Chart Dashboards
A variety of charts are found within the Analytics application in OneDesk. By default, charts are grouped together into “Chart Series”. You can easily add charts of your choosing to create a customiz
Recent Activities Indicator: Track Changes to Your Items
When using OneDesk, a quick way of seeing if there has been changes to an item you have worked on is the recent activity marker. This marker is a green heartbeat icon in your grid view, which denotes
Resource Allocation
With OneDesk’s resource allocation and analysis tools, you’re able to quickly assess where and when to assign work to ensure you’re using your resources to their fullest potential. Optimize work effi