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Invoice Settings
Company information When sending an invoice to customers, your company logo and address appear in the top corner. Add your logo and address from Administration > Company Preferences. Optionally you c
Creating and Sending Invoices
(Available on Premium level plans or higher) Creating an invoice Invoicing is primarily for time logged on tickets and tasks. Remember: Timesheets must be logged as billable in order to be pulled int
Invoicing Overview
(Available in Premium level or higher plans only) About invoicing in OneDesk The purpose of invoicing in OneDesk is to bill clients based on the time logged on your work items. It is designed to be
QuickBooks Online Invoicing Integration
(Available in Premium level or higher plans only)  Summary: Copy your OneDesk invoices to QuickBooks Online. Send invoices to customers from within OneDesk directly with QuickBooks Online. Automatic
Costs & Revenue / Budget Management
(Available in Premium level or higher plans only) The Financials application is for organizations who wish to handle finances surrounding their projects, tickets, and tasks within OneDesk. The Financ