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About Work / Item Structure
OneDesk has a few work items you can manage in your account, mainly tickets and tasks. These tickets and tasks can be organized into the following objects: portfolios, projects, and folders. Portfoli
Items, Tickets, and Tasks Overview
What are items? Items refer to the various things you manage in OneDesk including tickets, tasks, and projects. On the left side bar are the main applications where your items are housed and managed.
Structuring /Organizing Your Work
Understanding hierarchy of work in OneDesk Portfolios Portfolios are optional but recommended. Portfolios are the ‘top level’ of organization – containing one or many projects. Portfolios are like fo
Email to Ticket
OneDesk automates the ticket creation process through email capture. Ensure that no request is lost nor left unnoticed and overall improve request tracking. How does the email to ticket flow work? Th
Customer Communication Channels
Customers refer generally to the individuals you perform work for. These people might be internal (end-users) to your company or external (clients), but they submit tickets, send you requests, and so
Communicating with Users & Teams
OneDesk lets you keep in touch with your users and teams to ensure you are all working on the same page. The messenger application in OneDesk centralizes all incoming communications so you never miss
Requesters vs. Followers: Differences and Uses
In OneDesk, you can add followers and requesters to your tickets, tasks, projects, and timesheets. Those who are added as followers or requesters will, by default, receive updates on changes, such as
Auto-Forwarding Using Outlook / O365
Auto-forwarding is a method of creating tickets. With auto-forwarding, you setup an automatic forwarding rule from your inbox to a OneDesk creation email. Your customers email your regular support em
Auto-forwarding Using Gmail / Gsuite
Here are instructions to set up an auto-forward rule for Gmail / Gsuite. After this is done, you will be automatically capturing emails and creating tickets and customer records in your OneDesk accou
The Email Flow
Receive emails as tickets from one or multiple inboxes, so multiple agents can respond to customers from a central application collaboratively. How the email flow works In short, the email flow works
Add / Manage Users
Manage your team more effectively with OneDesk’s agent & team management capabilities. On the bottom left, click More apps >> Users Here you will find your Users app, with all your organization’s use
Licensing & Subscription
To subscribe to OneDesk, you will need to pick a plan and purchase user licenses based on the number users (agents) using OneDesk. Users vs. Customers Users are agents, managers, co-workers, and any
Importing Tickets/Tasks
If you have tickets/tasks in another system and would like to import them into OneDesk follow the steps below. CSV, MMP, MPT files are accepted. Before importing There are a few things to know and/or
Configuring for Serving Internal End-Users
OneDesk can be configured for organizations which service internal end-users. There are some settings to change and best practices to adhere to for this workflow to be as seamless as possible. Config
Configuring for Serving External Customers
OneDesk is well-equipped to handle an organization’s operations when you are supporting external customers. Configuring OneDesk for External Customers There are a couple of settings to change to get
Putting the Customer Apps on Your Website
OneDesk includes multiple customer-facing apps that you can use to enable communication with your customers. The apps include the web widget, messenger, portal, knowledgebase and webforms. Each app p
Website Widget
OneDesk allows you to place a customer-facing widget onto your website. This gives your customers different ways to interact with you through various channels. You can give your customers access to t
Organize / Separate Tickets for Multiple Departments
It is a common use case for multiple departments in an organization to want to work in a single OneDesk account, yet do not want to see the other departments’ tickets. For instance, the IT department
Prevent Email Loops
In OneDesk to capture emails as tickets, you will auto-forward or connect your support email. By default, OneDesk has an auto-reply turned on, which replies to the original sender confirming the rece
About Automations
What are automations Automations, or workflow automations, are a tool that allow you to create rules that will perform actions automatically. Automations run based on rules and conditions you customi
Using Custom Fields
About custom fields Custom fields are properties which can be added to detail panels, internal creation forms, or customer-facing webforms. Custom fields provide a way to capture or store additional
Customize Logos and Colors
This article focuses mainly on the colors and logos in the main web application. See related articles below for branding the customer-facing applications. Company logo You can set the logo for your c
Multiple Ways to Create Tickets
In OneDesk, tickets can be created in multiple ways. Internal form Users working in OneDesk can create tickets using the internal form. Click ‘Add’ from the top bar, and select ‘ticket.’ Fill in the