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Docking an Item's Detail Panel to Your Screen
You can dock an item’s detail panel to your screen for ease-of-access inside OneDesk. If you need to be looking at many item’s detail panels, docking the detail panel will prevent you from having to
Creating Tickets and Tasks from Live Chat
You can create tickets and tasks directly from the Messenger application. Turn customer live chat messages or other communication into a ticket or task allows you to: Escalate messages into work item
Live Chat Support
OneDesk includes live chat support, allowing you to support your customers in real-time. The live chat messenger is customer-facing and can be added to your website via the web widget. Your customers
Avoid Sending External Messages
How to avoid accidentally sending external messages In OneDesk there are two conversation visibility types: ‘Customer replies’ (public) and ‘Internal messages’ (private). When a message is sent in a
Conversation Types and Visibility
What is a conversation? In OneDesk, a conversation is a discussion with your customers and/or users. Replies are sent on a conversation. Anyone who is ‘following’ a conversation will receive these re