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Automated Routing
Minimize manual and repetitive work with auto-routing. You can use OneDesk’s workflow automations to route tickets and tasks (items) in any stage of their lifecycle to where they need to go. Auto-rou
Simple Bot Replies
This article focuses on the 'simple bot' and sending replies via automated rules. For information on the AI Bot see: AI Assistant The 'simple bot' is a default bot that can give generic responses or
Saved Replies
Saved replies are useful for answering common questions and keeping answers accurate and consistent. In OneDesk, saved replies can have dynamic properties, making it faster for your team to reply to
Service-Level Agreement (SLAs)
OneDesk allows you to create, add, edit, and auto-assign SLAs to your tickets. Having SLAs in place lets you measure and improve the responsiveness of the customer support team and increase customer
Macros are a tool used to take multiple actions or modify multiple items at once. You can use a macro to modify almost any property of items. You can apply a macro for one time use or save a macro fo
Auto-Triage Customer Requests
OneDesk helps you to auto-triage incoming customer requests based on customer organization. You can create workflow automations that can take action once a customer request is received. On the bottom
Workflow Automations: Create Items Automatically
Item Creation Automations: General and Specific Examples In General: Creating an Item with Workflow Automations In OneDesk, tickets and tasks possess workflow automations that allow for items to be c
Create Projects Automatically
OneDesk can help you save time by allowing you to create projects automatically whenever a specified event occurs. You can specify what criteria must be met in order to trigger the automation. When t
Update a parent-item's state when its subtask's state changes
OneDesk’s workflow automations are a powerful tool, allowing for deeply customizable ways to streamline your workflow. One useful process is the ability to update the lifecycle status of your tickets
Update successor items when predecessor's lifecycle changes
OneDesk’s workflow automations are a powerful tool, allowing for deeply customizable ways to streamline your workflow. Another useful workflow automation is updating an item’s successors when the pre
Tracing Workflow Automations
In OneDesk you can trace your workflow automations through the activities application. This lets you see just what your automations are doing on a day-to-day basis, and helps you troubleshoot any iss
Reporting: How to Create Specific Reports in OneDesk
OneDesk’s reporting tool is a versatile way to present data relating to your business. There are many templates which exist by default in OneDesk, but if you have specific needs you can create and ru
Email Queues (Forwarding Email Addresses)
What are Email Queues? In OneDesk, ‘Email Queues’ refer to the stream of incoming, auto-forwarded emails from an email address. As such, each email you have set up auto forwarding on has its own ‘Ema
Create Multiple Timesheets at Once & Timesheet Automations in OneDesk
Creating Multiple Timesheets at Once There are several ways to create multiple timesheets at the same time, simply add a timesheet either by creating one from inside an item’s detail panel (through t
Automation with Keywords
Workflow automations in OneDesk are powerful tools to streamline your day-to-day activities. Items can have actions automatically applied in response to conditions which you set. Workflow automations
Project Templates
For some industries it is common to do similar projects over and over again with only a few differences each time. The core idea of a template project is to save yourself the trouble of creating iden
Routing Incoming Tickets From Customer Organizations
Tickets are contained in projects or the section called 'Outside of Projects'. When tickets get submitted by your customers into OneDesk, they get sent to the “Outside of Projects” container if not o
Macros on Timesheets
In OneDesk you can modify multiple Timesheets at once, through the use of macros. Macros are tools in OneDesk which apply specified changes to all selected items at the same time. You can choose a va
Close Conversations Automatically When Finishing Items
Workflow automations are a powerful tool in OneDesk, allowing you to automatically make changes on your items when a specified trigger is met. There are many uses of workflow automations to help stre
Automations for Items Submitted on the Customer Portal
Workflow automations are a tool in OneDesk which help streamline operations by automatically carrying out set actions on your items in response to a certain trigger being met. Workflow automations ca
Testing Workflow Automations
Workflow automations in OneDesk are automatic actions which are carried out on your items in response to a trigger. You can set up automations for many day-to-day operations in your organization, suc
Reopening Closed Items
Sometimes tickets and tasks which you have marked as closed are still the subject of discussion or need new work done on them, and need to be reopened. In this situation, there are several ways you c
Disable Default Auto-Creations
In a newly created OneDesk account, there are a number of automations and settings turned on by default to help get you started. In this article I want to focus on two defaults that create new things
Changing Item Priorities
You can add priority levels to tickets, tasks, and projects using a star system in OneDesk. Based on the star priority, you can create custom work views to save, share and auto-assign items to the ap
Task Dependencies
In OneDesk, you can establish task dependencies with successor and predecessor links. Dependencies define relationships among tasks that determine their order. Predecessors identify tasks that must b
Configuring for Serving Internal End-Users
OneDesk can be configured for organizations which service internal end-users. There are some settings to change and best practices to adhere to for this workflow to be as seamless as possible. Config
Configuring for Serving External Customers
OneDesk is well-equipped to handle an organization’s operations when you are supporting external customers. Configuring OneDesk for External Customers There are a couple of settings to change to get
Changing Lifecycle Status as a Customer
Changing the lifecycle of your tickets and tasks can either be done internally within OneDesk, or by your customers. Customers can change an item’s lifecycle status either manually or through the use
Automated Emails
OneDesk lets you automate emails to save time for your agents and to improve customer relationships. Automated emails allow you to send email templates based on automated rules. For instance, create
Auto-Archiving Tickets, Tasks, and Projects
In OneDesk, tickets, tasks, projects, and articles can be archived to remove them from your view. These items are still accessible in case they are needed in the future. Archiving is a great option I