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Emails are Not Being Received
Occasionally you may fail to receive an email from OneDesk when you expect one. In this circumstance, there are several possible reasons why the email could not be delivered or received - some more c
Finding Projects: Common Reasons and Solutions
Sometimes when using OneDesk you may expect to have a project visible but you cannot find it. There are several reasons this may occur. Let’s look over reasons why you might not see certain projects
Troubleshooting: Single Sign On (SSO)
This article covers some common issues customers experience when using or setting up SSO with OpenID or SAML. For complete steps of setting up SSO with OpenID see the following articles: Setting up S
Finding a Ticket or Task
If you’re unable to locate an item (ticket or task) in OneDesk, it might be for one of many reasons: You are looking at a filtered view You are in the wrong application The item is an archived projec
Cannot See a User App
User applications in OneDesk are the various icons you see on your far left side panel, e.g. the Tickets App, Timesheets App, etc.). If don't see a particular app, it may be because it is hidden due
Cannot Perform an Action
If you cannot perform a certain action, it is likely due to a permission level. This article will guide you through some common reasons and solutions. Follow this article if the following applies to
Cannot See a Property / Field
Can’t see a property on the detail panel Follow this article if the following applies to your situation: You cannot see a property on the detail panel of your tickets, task, projects, etc. This inclu
Recovering Deleted Tickets and Tasks
When a ticket/task is deleted, it is moved into the ‘Deleted Items’ project and becomes scheduled for deletion in 7 days. After 7 days have elapsed, the ticket is permanently removed from OneDesk. An
Archiving and Unarchiving Tickets, Tasks, Projects
In OneDesk, tickets, tasks, projects, and articles can be archived to remove them from your view. These items are still accessible in case they are needed in the future. When you archive a project, a
Emails Are Not Going Out
Outgoing email is off Be sure outgoing emails are enabled in your OneDesk account. Go to Administration >> Emails >> Settings tab. Scroll down to Email Filters. Ensure Outgoing Email is ON. If your o
Test Incoming / Outgoing Email Channels
This article is intended to guide you through testing your incoming and outgoing channels, particularly if you have received a warning that your email may not be connecting anymore. This warning occu
Microsoft O365: Enable External Forwarding (Email Could not be Forwarded)
Microsoft 365 accounts default to block automatic email forwarding. When using the auto-forward method for creating tickets to OneDesk, you may need to take additional steps. You may receive the foll