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The OneDesk Mobile App
The mobile app is connected to your main web application, allowing you to access or update your tickets and tasks, log time, and communicate with your team or customers. The app is available for both
Mobile-Friendly OneDesk (Mobile Browser Application)
In addition to the main desktop application and the customer apps, a OneDesk account includes access to the Mobile Friendly OneDesk (MFOD). The Mobile Friendly OneDesk works the same way as the mobil
Setup/Configure MFA Ticket and Task Portals for Customers
There are two types of customer apps in OneDesk: Classic and MFA. Learn about the differences: Classic vs. MFA Apps. This article focuses on the MFA Ticket/Task Portals. What are the Ticket and Task
Mobile OneDesk User Experience & Settings
OneDesk offers two mobile options for users. First is the iOS/Android apps available for download on each respective app store. Second, the mobile-friendly web browser-based application (referred to
Mobile OneDesk Customer Experience
OneDesk provides a mobile-friendly experience for customers. Using a mobile web browser, customers can make use of any customer-facing applications: Messenger, Webforms, Knowledgebase, Tickets/Tasks