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Time Tracking

Create Multiple Timesheets at Once & Timesheet Automations in OneDesk
Creating Multiple Timesheets at Once There are several ways to create multiple timesheets at the same time, simply add a timesheet either by creating one from inside an item’s detail panel (through t
Using Timesheets & Timers
A timesheet is actual time that has been logged on a ticket or task. Use timesheets and timers to keep track of all logged hours of work. You can customize the information collected on timesheets and
Timer / Timesheet Settings & Defaults
You can change the default settings of timesheets in OneDesk to best fit your organization’s workflow. For example, timesheets can be automatically set to approved instead of needing to manually be c
Macros on Timesheets
In OneDesk you can modify multiple Timesheets at once, through the use of macros. Macros are tools in OneDesk which apply specified changes to all selected items at the same time. You can choose a va
Automatic Time Tracking / Timer Access Only
Time tracking in OneDesk can be done through timers or timesheets. By default, stopping a timer opens a timesheet. In the timesheet, the agent can alter the working hours, add notes, set the time as
Timesheet Detail Panel / Edit Timesheets
The timesheet detail panel is where the contents and properties of your timesheets appear. After submitting a timesheet via the form, you can access the timesheet by navigating to the detail panel. U
Timesheet Approvals
Timesheets allow you to mark and keep track of approved or unapproved time. Timesheet approvals are especially useful in conjugation with financials and invoicing features. For example, a manager may
Service Types
What are service types? If you bill based on different products or services, the service type feature of OneDesk would be useful for you. You can set rates and charge for time based on the type of se