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Customers & Organizations

Customer Organizations
OneDesk lets you create customer organizations to group your customers based on the organization they are from. By default, when a new customer is created, their record will either be placed in a new
Sharing with Customers & Customer Organizations
You can share tickets, tasks, and other items with your customers in 3 ways: either by sharing a project, by only sharing the items they are following, or a combination of both. You share a project w
Customer Communication Channels
Customers refer generally to the individuals you perform work for. These people might be internal (end-users) to your company or external (clients), but they submit tickets, send you requests, and so
Converting Customers to Users
Customer to User Conversion A User is anyone who has access to the main OneDesk application. Users have access to OneDesk’s internal applications. Customers on the other hand, can use the customer-fa
Importing Customers
You can import customers into your OneDesk from .csv files. Before importing There are a few things to know and/or do before importing. Ensure that you really need to use the import function. Importi
Deactivating & Reactivating Users or Customers
What is deactivating a user? A deactivated user is temporarily disabled. The user can no longer login to Onedesk. The user’s profile will appear transparent on the item detail panel and conversation.
Auto-Triage Customer Requests
OneDesk helps you to auto-triage incoming customer requests based on customer organization. You can create workflow automations that can take action once a customer request is received. On the bottom
Disable Default Auto-Creations
In a newly created OneDesk account, there are a number of automations and settings turned on by default to help get you started. In this article I want to focus on two defaults that create new things
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
A satisfaction survey allows you to receive feedback and ratings on your support from your customers. Surveys are sent by email to the customer and allow them to: Vote positive or negative on the sup
Requesters vs. Followers: Differences and Uses
In OneDesk, you can add followers and requesters to your tickets, tasks, projects, and timesheets. Those who are added as followers or requesters will, by default, receive updates on changes, such as
Single Sign-On (SSO)
(Available for Enterprise level plans only) OneDesk lets you set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to permit your users and customers to log in using their existing credentials. If the user does not exist, onc
Changing the Default Message Visibility
Conversations in OneDesk are where you send messages to customers or users. Conversations are split between two visibility types, 'Customer replies' and 'Internal Messages'. The default Customer repl
Troubleshooting: Single Sign On (SSO)
This article covers some common issues customers experience when using or setting up SSO with OpenID or SAML. For complete steps of setting up SSO with OpenID see the following articles: Setting up S
Viewing and Changing User and Customer Email Addresses
When you create a user or customer account inside OneDesk, you set the email address associated with the user or customer account. This address can be viewed inside OneDesk and changed in the future.
Reset Password: For Users or Customers
If a user or customer has forgotten their password, the password reset request email can be triggered. The email contains a link to change the password and can be triggered from a few locations. For
Inviting Customers to the Portal / Prevent Customers from Registering Themselves
The OneDesk Customer Portal provides an easily accessible space for your customers to submit tickets and view the status of their items which your team is working on. By default, customers can regist
Cannot See a Property / Field
Can’t see a property on the detail panel Follow this article if the following applies to your situation: You cannot see a property on the detail panel of your tickets, task, projects, etc. This inclu
Using Custom Fields
About custom fields Custom fields are properties which can be added to detail panels, internal creation forms, or customer-facing webforms. Custom fields provide a way to capture or store additional
User / Customer Types
What are user and customer types OneDesk allows you to have customer or user types. You can select a name, color, and icon for each type to visually distinguish them from one another. User or custome
Conversation Types and Visibility
What is a conversation? In OneDesk, a conversation is a discussion with your customers and/or users. Replies are sent on a conversation. Anyone who is ‘following’ a conversation will receive these re