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What is OneDesk?

OneDesk all-in-one application for managing help desk, project management, and professional services automation. OneDesk offers many features and customization options to fit a variety of teams and workflows.

What are tickets?

Tickets are a representation of an interaction between a customer and an agent (user). Tickets consist of the customer’s data, messages and more. Tickets contain features that help track, assign, and monitor these interactions and resolve the customer’s issue or request effectively. 

How do I create tickets

You can create tickets from multiple sources such as email, forms, chat, or third party apps. This feature allows you to provide different support options for your customers while handling interactions in one place. 

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How do I create tasks and add them to projects? 

Create a task from the top Add button. A form will open where you can fill in the task’s details, including the appropriate project. Other ways to create tasks include importing or copying from a project template. 

How do I add users?

Users, sometimes called agents, are the individuals working within your OneDesk account. Pricing is based on user-licenses. Users are typically the ones answering tickets, logging time, or working on tasks. You can add a new user from the top Add button. 

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How do I add customers? 

Customers, also called end-users, are the individuals you perform work for. Customers can submit work or interact with you from email, customer applications, or some third party apps via integration.

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