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Add / Manage Users

Manage your team more effectively with OneDesk’s agent & team management capabilities. 

On the bottom left, click More apps >> Users

Here you will find your Users app, with all your organization’s users grouped by teams.

Users can be part of one or more teams. Double click on the user to bring up the user profile. 

A user is someone who has access to the main OneDesk web app. Users are generally the individuals who perform work such as responding to tickets or updating task progress. Account administrators can choose roles for each user, and choose what data users have access to. In OneDesk, your subscription is based on the number of users, while customers are free and unlimited.

Adding users to your account

Add button

Add one or multiple users by clicking the ‘Add’ button in the top bar and selecting ‘User.’

You can enter the user’s name, email, application access, notifications, and team. 

You can also choose which projects to share directly with the user(s). The User(s) will receive an invitation to the email you entered. 

Note: If you try to add more users than your current plan level you will be asked to upgrade. If you do not upgrade you cannot add additional users. 


 You can easily add users using the import function located in the ‘Tools’ menu of the top bar . 

See Importing Users for complete details. 

Managing users

Creating teams

Like Users, you can create a new team from the 'Add' menu on the top bar. Teams are a grouping or category of users. You can also think of teams like departments. You can assign whole teams to tickets or tasks. You should typically share projects on a team basis, as project level permission will be automatically set based on the 'team role.'

Add users to teams

  • Option 1: In the Users portal, drag and drop to change an individual's team. If the user was already in a team or in multiple teams, this action will remove them from those other teams. 

  • Option 2: To add a user into multiple teams, go to the user profile and click 'Add' button next to 'Teams.' You can remove the user from a team by clicking the arrow next to the team icon.

You can also set the role for the team here, this will automatically set their role in a project shared with that team. See also Sharing with Users and Teams

User profiles

Admins or the individual user can configure their profile details, including profile image, individual language preferences, and other user details. 

Users can access their own profiles regardless of application settings from the top right menu next to their name. 

User availability / working hours

From the user profile, you can configure an individual’s working hours and set vacation events. See user availability for full details.

Permissions and roles

 Admins can set application permission levels in addition to team/project roles for each individual user. See Roles and Permissions

Configure user detail panel

You can add additional fields or custom fields to the user profile/detail panel from Administration > Users

Deactivate / delete users

Admins can choose to delete or deactivate users. Deactivating users maintains the record of the user. Deleting will remove the user completely and cannot be restored. 

For details see: Deactivating Users

Deleting Users

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