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View Exporting: Exporting Data

OneDesk allows you to export data in CSV. Aside from the built-in reports and charts in OneDesk, exporting can be useful for performing data analysis. You can export data in Tree or Flat view from the following applications:

  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Projects
  • Timesheets
  • Items
  • Features

When exporting, you are exporting the data contained in the current/custom view. In other words, any filters, groupings, columns, or searches you have applied to the view will be contained in the exported file. For example, if you want a certain column in your CSV file, or data of a certain project, you should apply these changes to the view before exporting.

How to Export

Step 1: Select the application you want to export from (see the above list)

Step 2: Under your profile in the top right, select the "action icon" (three dots)

Step 3: Select "Export This View"

Your CSV file will begin downloading.

Example Export

To demonstrate an export, we will begin by creating a simple custom view. Let’s begin by going to the Tickets application and Tree view. First, we will narrow by project. Select the project using the project level selector on the right hand side. I have selected a project level of "Sample Project 1”.

Next let's turn on an additional column by clicking the cogwheel. I have turned on the column called “Agile Points”

Lastly, I have applied the grouping “Assignee Team”. 

Here is the final exported CSV. 

You can see that tickets are grouped by assignee team and the agile points column appears.

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