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Auto-Archiving Tickets, Tasks, and Projects

In OneDesk, tickets, tasks, projects, and articles can be archived to remove them from your view. These items are still accessible in case they are needed in the future. Archiving is a great option If you want to clear your view of old or no longer used items without permanently deleting anything. You are able to archive tickets, tasks, articles, or whole projects. You can set up an automation to archive tickets, tasks, and/or whole projects automatically. 

For more on archiving or how to manually archive work see: Archiving & Unarchiving

How to (manually) archive

  • Click on the three dots beside the desired ticket/task/project. 
  • Select Archive from the menu. If you are archiving a project all items within it will be archived. 

(You can also select multiple items in different projects by multi-selecting the desired items before clicking the three dots and selecting archive.)

Note: When you archive an individual item, it will be moved out of its project and be put into a project called 'Archived Items (versioned by year).'

Out-of-the box archiving automation

The automation rule for archiving old tickets is included in your OneDesk by default. If you have a newer account you may have this automation already. This default automation archives tickets that are in a finished state and have not been modified in more than 30 days.

If you would like to modify or re-create this automation follow the steps below.

Modify out-of-the box or existing auto-archiving rule

If you would like to modify the auto-archiving automation rule, follow the steps below.

  • Go to More Applications >> Administration >> Automation Center
  • Look for Automation ID A15. (You may need to toggle on 'Show Disabled Automations' on the top right).
  • Click the pencil icon on the far right side beside this automation. 
  • Here you can now modify the automation as you desire. For example, you can adjust the filter called ‘last modified date’.

Set up an auto-archiving automation if you do not have it in your account

To create the auto-archiving automation rule, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Administration >> Automation Center. Select 'Create Workflow Automation.'
  • Select the item type you would like the automation to run on, for instance, you can apply the automation to 'all tickets.'
  • Click ‘Add filter’. Select lifecycle state > is > finished, and click apply. 
  • Add another filter. Select last modified date > older than > 30 days ago, and click apply
  • Add a trigger condition. Select schedule job > every day. (This trigger checks for the above condition everyday).
  • Add the action 'Archive Items.'

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