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Licensing & Subscription

To subscribe to OneDesk, you will need to pick a plan and purchase user licenses based on the number users (agents) using OneDesk.

Users vs. Customers

Users are agents, managers, co-workers, and any other individuals working inside OneDesk within your company. Users work in the main OneDesk app and mobile app. They are the ones responding to customers, assigned to tickets, etc. Whether you’re a small team or an enterprise, you can decide the number of user licenses that best fit your company.

Customers or end-user licenses are unlimited and free. Customers are anyone who will be exclusively communicating and submitting items to you through channels such as email and the customer apps provided by OneDesk (Messenger, Customer Portal, Webforms, Knowledgebase). Therefore “customers” can even include other colleagues in your organization who will only be submitting items to be worked on and not working on items themselves.

Signing up for the 14-Day trial

OneDesk allows you to sign up for a free 2-week trial directly from our website at www.OneDesk.com. The free trial includes all the features for your to try. 

Select the Sign Up Free button. In the signup form, enter the email address you’d like to use, or sign up with your Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn account instead. Click the Sign up free button once more if you entered an email.

Next, fill out the information in the Account Activation form, such as your name and your company name, click Submit, and you’re done. You will appear inside the main OneDesk application and be prompted to get started with our setup wizard.

Subscribe from in OneDesk

In most cases, you will upgrade to a paid subscription from inside your OneDesk account. You should subscribe before your free trial expires so that you will not have to re-activate any users you have already added.

To upgrade, go to more applications >> Administration >> Subscription.

You need to decide on your plan, how many user licenses you need, the billing period, and the currency to pay in. As you select and change these variables, the totals will adjust to reflect those changes.

Choose a plan

There are three plan levels to choose from: Standard, Premium & Enterprise. All plans include standard features such as email to ticket integration, customer apps, time tracking, and more. The premium plan includes additional useful features such as resource management and invoicing. The enterprise plan includes advanced features such as SSO. 

Consider which features you want to use. You can always upgrade your plan if you want additional features. 

Choose your number of users

Ensure that, at the time of payment, your user licenses cover the maximum number of internal users.

User licenses can be added in the future to your plan if required, so don’t worry too much about planning ahead for what additional licenses you may need. If a new user license is added, you will be billed for that user immediately, prorated until the end of your billing cycle.

Choose your billing period and currency

Choosing an annual billing period will provide you with a discount on the per-user price you pay. You can also select the currency you wish to be billed in.

Once you’re finished with your selections, click Subscribe. We offer different modes of payment for you to choose from.

For questions about pricing feel free to check out our pricing FAQ at the bottom of onedesk.com/pricing. For additional inquiries, you can ask us a question through the live-chat, or send an email to support@onedesk.com.

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