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OneDesk lets you display your assigned tickets and tasks on your external calendars, as long as those calendars support iCal. 

Publishing Items to Your Calendar

To have your assigned tickets and tasks shown on your calendar, access your user detail panel by selecting your name in the top-right corner -> my profile, or by going to more applications -> users -> your user detail panel.

On the right-hand side of your detail panel under the notification settings is where you can choose to publish your items to an external calendar.

Once you check this box, you are provided with a link to publish your items on an internal calendar. You can download this link directly as a .ics file by inputting it into your browser’s search bar and pressing enter.

Example: Publish to Google Calendar

As an example, let’s publish our items to Google Calendar. Following the steps outlined above, check “Publish my Items to External Calendar” to receive our link and copy it. Inside Google Calendar, select to add another calendar and add the calendar by the generated URL.

Select “Add Calendar” and your items and scheduled dates will appear on the Google Calendar.

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