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Automatic Time Tracking / Timer Access Only

Time tracking in OneDesk can be done through timers or timesheets. By default, stopping a timer opens a timesheet. In the timesheet, the agent can alter the working hours, add notes, set the time as billable/non-billable, or update the status/progress. If you want to prevent the process of filling in a timesheet, you can utilize the automatic time tracking feature. Enable this feature if you find that filling in a timesheet is too much effort, or prone to error. 

What is automatic time tracking / timer access only

 Automatic time tracking refers to the feature in OneDesk where work is logged automatically. Clicking ‘start timer’ or ‘start work’ on a ticket/task starts the timer and the agent is assigned. When the timer is stopped the ticket/task is closed and the timesheet is submitted completely behind the scenes. This feature is enabled by setting a non-admin user’s timesheet permissions to ‘Time Access Only’.

Set user to ‘Timer Access Only’ - Enable automatic time tracking for a user

Automatic time tracking is enabled on a per-user basis to non-admin users.

  1. Go to the Users app on the left side panel. 
  2. Open the user’s profile and Permissions & Notifications tab.
  3. Select the app permissions under ‘Non administrator’
  4. Configure Timesheets permission to Timer access only.

Timer Access Only/ Auto Time Tracking - User Experience 

Users set to ‘Timer access only:

  • DO not have the ability to submit a timesheet
  • Will only see the ‘start timer or option on the Timesheet tab or action menus.
  • Will see a Start Work button beside the assign button on a task/ticket detail panel
  • The %complete, lifecycle status, and actual values are disabled

Task detail panel view of a 'timer access only' user with work in progress. 

The automatic time tracking flow

  1. The agent hits to start work.
  2. The agent will be assigned to the ticket/task (depending on your settings other agents will be unassigned see timer option below)
  3. The agent is able to pause or stop the timer
  4. Pausing stops the count until play is pressed.
  5. Stopping will set the ticket/task as complete and the timesheet is submitted behind the scenes. 
  6. This timesheet submits the ticket/task as 100%, Completed. The timesheet’s Billable/approval status depends on your defaults configured in admin settings (see below) 

Note: One timer can run at a time. Bulk timesheet creation not available for ‘timer access only users’ 

Admins users have ability to:

  • Stop or pause the timers of other users.
  • Edit the submitted timesheets

Timer settings and options

You can access your timer setting from Administration → Timesheets

Under timer options you can enable or disable:

  • Un-assign other users and teams - When a user starts a timer, other users or teams will be unassigned.
  • Allow users to review and change the timesheet before submitting. (Applies to non-admin users with permission above ‘timer access only’)

Default settings

Any timesheets submitted automatically will be submitted with the defaults configured here.