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Emails and the Messaging Center

OneDesk lets you automate the sending of emails based on triggers that you set, allowing you to quickly respond to incoming customer requests and to update users and customers on information related to the projects or tickets they are following. Emails also ensure you never lose touch with your customers. If a customer does not see your message in the live chat within 1-minute, your message is sent out as an email ensuring no communication is missed. 

The Email Messaging Center

OneDesk's Email Messaging Center is where you can control all emails and messages that are sent to your users and customers. You can automate them, enable or disable them, customize email templates, or create new email templates with dynamic properties.  Watch a video on the messaging center here.

Automated Messages

In the Automated Messages section, you can find the messages that appear when you create a workflow automation that inserts a message based on a specific trigger event. For example, if you set a workflow automation that sends a message to all followers of an item when the item is closed, the automated message will appear in this section.

message automation

At the very top you will find an automation that is CRITICAL to OneDesk’s workflow and, therefore, cannot be disabled. 

This automation ensures that when a new message is posted in a conversation linked to an item, all the followers of the item are notified. Note that customer replies are sent to both users and customers but internal messages are sent to users only. This message is NOT created by an automation and, thus, cannot be disabled. You can edit the message that is inserted by this automation, but you cannot disable it. This is the only message that cannot be deleted as it is fundamental to OneDesk’s workflow.

While it is best practice to receive notifications and/emails about new messages, you CAN turn off notifications on a per-user basis for yourself if you don’t wish to receive any. Find out how to do this here.

However, the other messages in the Automated Message section can be edited by changing the automation that created them.

Automated Emails

In the Automated Emails section, you will find a list of email templates and links to the automations that send out these templates. You can edit the email templates here or click on the automation number to edit or disable the automation that sends them. You can also create new email templates that you can use later in an automation. 

System Emails

In the System Emails section, you will find a list of emails that are sent out by OneDesk’s system when certain trigger events occur. For example, when a new user is created, there is an automated email that is sent out to that user. 

In this section you can enable and disable system emails that are sent out, however you CANNOT disable the password reset email, to ensure all your users are able to reset their passwords and access their accounts properly. You can also edit the email templates to ensure the emails sent out contain the information you need.

We strongly recommend that you NOT edit the information out of the password reset email template.

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