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Customer Organizations

OneDesk lets you create customer organizations to group your customers based on the organization they are from. 

By default, when a new customer is created, their record will either be placed in a newly created customer organization or put in an existing one that matches their email’s domain. This helps you keep your customers' records organized. You can easily share projects and communicate with customer organizations to include all members of those organizations.

What is a Customer Organization?

Organizations are groupings for customers, representing the companies that your customers work for. Often when you are doing work for or supporting a customer, it is for the company not the individual. Customer organizations group together all of the customer-end-users from a given company and let you interact with them as a whole. You can still retain the ability to interact with people individually but more often than not you wish to treat them as a group.

Customer organizations give you advantages such as the ability to:

  • Group tickets from a customer organization or group all tickets requested by any customer in that organization.
  • Filter tickets from a customer organization shows the tickets requested by any customer in that organization.
  • Share a project with a customer organization to share it with all customers in that organization.
  • Add a new customer to the organization to automatically grant them access to the projects without any extra work from you.
  • Create a conversation with the customer organization and all individual customers will be notified.

Creating a Customer Organization

To create a customer organization in OneDesk, either import existing organizations through the importing functionality, or select the “Add” button at the top of the screen and select “Customer Organization”. Fill out the name of the organization and any email domains which are associated with it (Eg. @ACME.com).

Customers whose email addresses include the added domains will automatically become associated with the customer organization.

Editing Customer Organizations

To edit your customer organizations, go to More applications -> Customers -> open the Customer organization detail panel by double clicking.

At this detail panel you can change the organization name, associated domains, routing, its members, and other information such as contact numbers.

Selecting “Manage Projects” allows you to easily choose what projects inside OneDesk the organization is following.

Sample Routing for Customer Organizations

Let’s show an example of sending all tickets and tasks created by a customer organization to a specific project. First we need to create the project we want the items to fall into. For the organization ACME Inc. then, we create the project “Tasks for ACME INC.”

Back in the organization’s detail panel, select “Add routing section”. This will prompt you to fill out the action of a pre-filled workflow automation. Choose the action “Change project” and select “Tasks for ACME Inc.”. Save the automation, and now any items which are submitted by customers belonging to ACME Inc. are sent to that project without any input needed on your end.

Working for internal 'end-users' 

If you work internally, likely your customers all have the same domain. In this case you may prefer to turn of the feature that groups customers into organizations based on domain name. If left on, customers will simply get grouped in one organization. But if you turn off the default, you can choose to manually move customers into organizations. For example, you may want to use organizations to represent departments, then manually move each individual customer into the right category. 

Turn off grouping based on domain

The feature to automatically group customers into organizations can be turn off from your administration settings.

Head to Administration -> Customers and uncheck the box "Automatically create customer organization based on domain"

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