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Box Integration

(Available on Premium level plans or higher)

What does the Box Integration let you do?

With the Box integration enabled, you have an additional option when it comes to attaching files to tickets, tasks, and projects. You can still add them from your local storage, but additionally you can browse for them and attach them directly from your Box account. When you click 'Attach File' on the detail panel of ticket, task, or project you will be offered the option to attach from Box. 

How to connect OneDesk to Box

  • In your OneDesk account, navigate to ADMINISTRATION > INTEGRATIONS.
  • Click 'Connect' beside the Box integration. 
  • The connect button will change to indicate the integration is now active.
  • Navigate to a ticket, task, or project detail panel and click 'Attach File.' 
  • You will now have a new option in the attach menu to 'Attach from Box'.
  • Select 'Attach from Box' and you will be prompted to login and authorize your Box account.
  • After authorizing your Box account you will be able to easily browse and attach files from the window.
  • You will not need to authorize or login each time you attach files from Box.