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Changing the Default Message Visibility

Conversations in OneDesk are where you send messages to customers or users. Conversations are split between two visibility types, 'Customer replies' and 'Internal Messages'.  The default Customer replies are visible to customers who are followers of a given conversation/item. Internal messages, on the other hand, are messages which are only visible to internal users who are followers of the conversation or item. This means that internal messages can be sent without notifying the customer in any way, while customer replies are visible immediately to the customer.

Changing the default conversation type

By default, conversations in OneDesk are set up such that all messages sent are automatically customer replies. You may wish to change this setting to default to internal messages instead.

To access your conversation visibility settings, go to more applications in the bottom left -> administration cog -> company preferences under the “Administration” header. From here, scroll down to the section titled “Default Settings”.

There are two dropdown menus in this section where you can change the default conversation visibility for either items (tickets, tasks, and their variations) or projects. Selecting either of the dropdown menus will give you the option of defaulting conversations to customer replies or internal messages. 

For example, let’s set the item default conversation visibility to internal messages. If we head to the tickets application and select a ticket to view and then create a new conversation, the conversation tab on the right-hand side will require us to switch manually if we want to send a message to the customer now.

Please note that a new conversation must be created for these default settings to apply. Any pre-existing customer replies and internal messages which have messages in them will still be treated as their respective type.

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