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Viewing and Changing User and Customer Email Addresses

When you create a user or customer account inside OneDesk, you set the email address associated with the user or customer account. This address can be viewed inside OneDesk and changed in the future.

Accessing and Changing Customer Email Addresses

Customer information can easily be found in the Customers application. Access this application at More Applications -> Customers.

From here, you can see their email address in the “Email column. You can also double-click on a customer to access their detail panel and change information about their customer account in OneDesk.

In the customer detail panel, you can edit customer names, contact information, invite customers to the customer portal, and change email addresses and domains associated with the customer.

Accessing and Changing User Email Addresses

Unlike your customers, user accounts in OneDesk have two associated email addresses: A login address, and a notification address

  • The login address is the email address the user logs into OneDesk with, and cannot be changed without contacting OneDesk 
  • The notification address is the email address which the user receives notifications from OneDesk to, and can be changed by accessing the user’s detail panel

To view a user’s login and notification addresses, access the Users application at More Applications -> Users. The “Email” column is enabled by default and shows the notification email of the user, but you can also enable the “Login Name” column to display each user’s login email in the grid view.

Accessing a user’s detail panel lets you change their notification address and a variety of other settings, such as their notification settings, permission levels, contact information, and more.

Selecting the icon beside the user’s login name will send a link to reset that user’s password to their notification email address. If a user in your organization is having difficulty logging in, checking whether they are using the correct login name and sending a password reset email is the first step in diagnosing the problem.

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