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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

A satisfaction survey allows you to receive feedback and ratings on your support from your customers. Surveys are sent by email to the customer and allow them to:

  • Vote positive or negative on the support they received
  • Change their vote within 10 days of the link being provided
  • Leave a comment regarding their rating or service

By default, satisfaction surveys are emailed within 24 hours of their ticket being marked into a finished state. If more than one customer has requested the ticket, the most recent requestor receives the survey email.

How customer surveys work

The satisfaction survey is sent through an automated email. The default automation runs on tickets once they are marked closed. This automation sends an email with the linked survey to the most recent ticket requester This link is available for your customers to use and re-use for the next 10 days. The link takes them to a new page which allows them to rate their support as “Good, I’m satisfied” or “Bad, I’m unsatisfied”. They can also leave a comment, which is inputted as a new conversation attached to the corresponding ticket. The customer can change their rating and add multiple comments regarding their experience.

the survey link

Customer feedback

The rating the customer gives is applied on the ticket-level. The customer rates the level of support that they received on that ticket and the rating is then attributed to all of the agents who were assigned to the ticket.

Analyzing and collecting feedback

Customer feedback can be used to analyze the level of support your team provides to your customers. You can view the data in a few different ways.

View comments and rating from the ticket detail panel

The rating of the ticket is indicated by the face icon on the top-left side of the ticket detail panel. The rating can be happy (Good), neutral or sad (Bad). Neutral is the default for unresolved or unrated tickets. When the customer rates their satisfaction, the face will be updated to indicate the satisfaction level. 

If you do not see satisfaction rating on a ticket, it may be turned off in your account.

Go to Admin > Tickets > Ticket Detail Panel Properties . Click Add another property to the detail panel and select Satisfaction Rating .

Comments from the survey will appear in the conversation tab of the ticket. When a customer leaves a comment as part of their rating, the comment is received in OneDesk as a new conversation attached to the corresponding ticket. Your customer support agent can then reply back to the comment if any issues need to be resolved or to simply thank the customer for their feedback. Survey comments are marked with a unique tag (##SurveyComment##) to distinguish them from regular customer communication.

Customers are able to change their rating if they wish, but MUST do so within 10 days. The provided customer survey link is available for them to access and allows them to change their rating for 10 days after the link is provided. They are also able to submit multiple comments throughout the 10 days time limit.

View overall satisfaction percentages

Add a Satisfaction Rating column onto your Tree view to allow you to see the total percentage of satisfaction ratings in a folder, a project, or a portfolio to assess customer support on different levels of work. (Turn on this column by selecting the gear icon at the top of your grid. See also: Custom views

Create filtered views

Create filtered views that allow you to group and organize the data collected to analyze your customer feedback. For example, you can create a filtered view that allows you to assess how individual agents have been rated. You can export these views or schedule to receive reports on how your agents are performing.

Customer satisfaction analytics

Within the Analytics application under the "Chart Series" dropdown menu, is a section called "Customer Satisfaction." This analytics section contains charts and graphs on customer satisfaction metrics.

Edit the customer survey link or email

Edit survey email

You can configure the email that is sent to your customers which contains the survey. You can also configure the text on the survey itself, including the buttons. 

To configure the survey email go to Admin > Emails > Messaging Center tab and locate E04 under Automated Emails.

E04 is the ID of the default email template which sends your survey. (If you created a different email template to send the survey it will have a seperate unique ID).  Select the pencil icon on the right side. You can now edit the email template to your liking. Do not remove the dynamic property called "item.requesterSatisfactionSurveyURL". This dynamic property will populate the link to the survey. However you can also add this or other dynamic properties from the Property dropdown menu. 

Edit the survey text / buttons

You can edit the survey text to fit your company style or language. To edit the survey, go to Admin > Emails > Appearance. Enter your desired text into the fields under Satisfaction Survey.  

Configure survey buttons/text

Resulting configured survey

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