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OneDesk has a public REST API available for you to use to push or pull information from your OneDesk account. This allows you to connect and synchronize the data between OneDesk and a third-party application without going through the interface. If you have a OneDesk account, you have the right to use our API.

Accessing the OneDesk API

If you are interested in using OneDesk’s public API, head to our public API page. On this page you will find an introduction to OneDesk’s API, and can start implementing the changes you wish to make on your end.

Utilize the table of contents on the left-hand side to quickly navigate through the available options.

Example of How it Works: Start Work Timer

When you have selected the action you wish to use, you can see the request parameters and response fields, sample Curl requests, sample requests, and sample responses involving the specific action.

For example, let’s look at the “Start Work Timer” request. Under the “Request Parameters” heading, we see we require an authentication token, and the ID of the item to start the timer for.

Under “Response Fields”, we see we are returned a string of code (the result of the operation), the amount of work already spent on the timer, and the result of the activity - whether it failed (and why), or whether it succeeded.

In addition to the request parameters and response fields, you can see an example Curl request, example request, and example response for the “Start Work Timer” action.

These will help guide you along the way in utilizing this action - the token and item ID from the request parameters are clearly visible in the request examples, as well as the expected responses outlined in the response fields.

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