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Automated Emails

OneDesk lets you automate emails to save time for your agents and to improve customer relationships. Automated emails allow you to send email templates based on automated rules. For instance, create email templates and send the emails through automations in order to answer common requests such as password resets, collect feedback from your customers after a ticket or task is completed, and more.

What are automated emails?

Automated emails refer to pre-written emails sent through automated rules, i.e. workflow automations. For example you can send a pre-written email template when a customer submits a ticket. You can have multiple email templates. You can also send the same email template through multiple separate automation rules. Automated emails differ from automated replies/messages. Automated replies post a reply to the ticket/task, and if the message is not seen within a minute, a notification will be sent to the followers/requesters of the item. Automated emails on the other hand, are direct email sends. In the case of automated emails, you can pre-determine who receives the email. It does not only need to be sent to the requester/follower of the item. For example, you could set an automated email that sends to a manager whenever a ticket is submitted. 

View or edit automated emails

Go to Administration -> Emails

Here you will find a list of email templates and links to the automations that send out these templates.

1.You can edit the email templates by clicking the pencil icon.

2.Click on the automation number to view, edit, or disable the automation that sends the template.

3.You can create new email templates that you can use later in an automation. 

Each email template has a unique ID number. You may see the same ID number listed twice. If so, that is because the same template is being used by two different automations. 

Email templates can have dynamic properties that populate information based on context (for example a customer's name). See also: Modifying & Creating Email Templates

For details on setting up automations, see: Automations

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