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QuickBooks Online Invoicing Integration

(Available in Premium level or higher plans only)

Summary: Copy your OneDesk invoices to QuickBooks Online. Send invoices to customers from within OneDesk directly with QuickBooks Online. Automatically keeps payments made to QuickBooks Online synced to OneDesk invoices.


How to connect to QuickBooks Online

  1. In OneDesk, go to Administration >> Financials.
  2. Scroll down and click on 'Connect to QuickBooks Online.'
  3. Login to your QBO account and click Authorize.
  4. Connecting to Quickbooks Online will reveal new settings, including default income account and tax code. 
  5. Choose a default income account for new service types. Service types in OneDesk correspond to Product/Service items in QuickBooks Online. OneDesk will try to match service types to the QBO Product/Service. (Service type names must match exactly). The default income account will be used if a new service type is created in OneDesk, that does not exist or is not already linked to an income account in your QuickBooks Online account. 
  6. The country is pulled from your QuickBooks Online account. Depending on your country, you can set a default tax code. 

Once connected:

  • The ‘Copy to QuickBooks Online’ option will now appear on ‘Open’ invoices. 
  • ‘Send invoice’ will now sync invoices with QuickBooks Online AND send to customers directly via QuickBooks. 

Copying invoices in QBO

Once you connect, you will have the option to copy invoices to QBO. The option will appear in the action menu and at the bottom of the invoice detail panel.

Invoices are copied over to QuickBooks Online, not sent to a customer. You will find copied invoices in QBO under Sales >> Invoices.  

When you copy the invoice in OneDesk, a tag will appear next to status. If you make changes to your invoice in OneDesk you can copy the invoice again to sync changes. 

Sending invoices with QBO

When you connect to QuickBooks Online, sending an invoice in OneDesk will both copy the invoice to QBO and send it directly to the customer. When you send, it is QBO sending the invoice, not OneDesk. As such, your styling and payment configurations will correspond to those set in your QBO account. 

Tip: Add the billing contact email in OneDesk before sending with QBO, even if the customer has a contact email in QBO. The contact email must be set in OneDesk or the invoice will only be copied to QBO and not sent to the customer.

(Add a billing contact information from Customer Organization >> Invoice Preferences tab).

Best practice: linking OneDesk and QuickBooks Online

Clarify your service types

The service type will be on the line items of QuickBooks invoices. Line items map to Quickbooks product / services and determine the income account.  The service type is entered when filling in timesheets in OneDesk. You can configure your service types from Administration >> Timesheets. You will want to review your product and service items in QuickBooks Online under Company >> Products and services. You’ll also want the names to match the service types in your OneDesk. The names match exactly or new ones will be created. If you create new ones you can choose the default income account from Financials >> QBO Settings.


Customer organization should match the ‘Customer display name’ in Quickbooks Online

You should enter the billing contact email in OneDesk if you plan to send invoices from OneDesk with QuickBooks. If you do not enter the billing contact email in OneDesk your invoice will be copied to QBO but not sent.

When a new customer is created, the customer organization in OneDesk will become the ‘customer display name’ in QBO and the customer contact name and email is pushed over.

More on the QuickBooks Online integration

  • Customer Organization -> QBO Customer - We try to match up the OneDesk 'Customer Organization' with 'Customer' in QBO. If we cannot find a match we will create a new customer in QBO. The organization name in OneDesk should match to ‘Customer Display Name’ in QBO.  If a new customer is created, the organization will become the 'customer display name' in QBO. The customer contact and email is pushed over only when a new customer is created.
  • Service type -> Product and Service - OneDesk will try to match service types to the QBO Product/Service. (Service type names must match exactly).
  • OneDesk tax/discount line items will be displayed as line items in QBO.
  • Deleted invoices: If you delete an invoice in OneDesk the copied invoice in QuickBooks Online will not be deleted. The reverse is also true. If you delete the invoice in QuickBooks Online the OneDesk invoice remains.
  • Invoice detail level is ignored when pushed to QBO. The grouping name is not displayed and (ticket/task) names will be on the QBO invoice. 
  • The billing contact (name, email) is only saved to the customer in QBO when the corresponding customer does not exist. 
  • Currency will not be pushed over and depends on your QuickBooks Online default currency.

Disconnecting from QuickBooks Online

  1. In OneDesk go to Admin >> Financials
  2. Scroll down to QuickBooks Integration
  3. Click Disconnect 

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