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Invoice Work

Invoice work is a property that can be displayed on the timesheet detail panel. Invoice work is used to calculate hours on an invoice. Unless altered (manually or via settings) invoice work will be identical to the ‘actual work’ logged on the timesheet. 

It is not recommended to alter the invoice work or invoice work settings unless your business logic requires it. Altering invoice work is for companies that bill based on time, but do not charge their customers for the exact number of hours of work performed. Invoice work allows you to charge a customer for a greater number of hours, while maintaining a record of the actual work performed by the agent. 

Note: If you edit the actual work after submission in any way, the invoice work will not automatically match. The properties only match upon submission unless affected by your settings. 

How to alter invoice work

If your company follows the business logic as described above, you can manually alter invoice work or automatically change the invoice work calculation settings to fit your needs.

Manually altering invoice work

You can add the invoice work property to the timesheet detail panel. Once added, the property will be visible on the timesheet after submission. An admin user can go to the Timesheets application, open a timesheet, and edit the invoice work property accordingly.

To add the invoice work property go to Admin > Timesheets > Timesheets Detail Panel Properties. Select 'Add another property to the detail panel' and select Invoice Work. 

Invoice work settings (automatically setting invoice work) 

You can automatically alter the invoice work upon submission based on timesheet settings. 

Go to Admin > Financials > Invoice Work Calculation

Minimum invoice work per timesheet

  • The smallest amount of invoice work that can be reduced from a customer account. For example, if the minimum amount is set to 10 minutes and my agent logs 3 minutes, 10 minutes will be reduced from the account.

Round up excess time 

  • Any amount above the 'minimum invoice work' will be rounded to the nearest value set. Let's say my 'minimum invoice work' is set to 10 minutes and my 'round up excess time' is set to 5 minutes. If my agent logs 12 minutes, it will be rounded to 15 minutes. If my agent logs 9 minutes, then only the minimum will apply, so the time logged will be 10 minutes.

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