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Create and Edit KB Categories

Categories are sections on your knowledgebase that organize your articles. When a customer is browsing the knowledgebase, they use parent categories and categories to find relevant information. 

Parent Category vs. Category

There are two types of categories - Category and Parent Category. Parent categories or categories can be added to your knowledgebase.

  • Parent categories are the highest level of organization. Parent categories can only contain categories (or other parent categories). Parent categories are optional, but are used to give more organization to your articles. 
  • Categories can only contain articles. Categories can be added to the knowledgebase independently and/ or within a parent. 

To manage and create categories go to Knowledge Center > By Category tab

Create new category / parent category

To manage and create categories go to Knowledge Center > By Category tab

  • Select 'Create a New Category'.
  • Choose to create a parent category or category.
  • Give the category a name. The name will be displayed on the knowledgebase.
  • Choose the icon and icon color. The icon will appear beside the category on the knowledgebase. You can upload your own icon. We recommend the SVG file type. 
  • Add a description (optional). The description will appear under the category name on the KB. 
  • 'Add to parent category' (optional) - Select the parent categories where this new category should appear.
  • Choose the 'Items in Selected Category' (not available for parent categories) - Add the articles that should appear in this category. You can also do this later from the article detail panel. 
  • Click 'Create' when finished. 

Important: Categories will NOT be visible until they are added to the knowledgebase. Add a category from Administration > ‘name of your knowledgebase.’ Categories which have not been added to a Knowledgebase will be indicated with a blue circle in the Articles grid.

Edit categories

Go to the 'By Category' tab grid.

Select the action icon (three dots) beside the category.

You can edit any details of the parent category or category. 

Delete categories

Go to the 'By Category' tab grid.

Select the action icon (three dots) beside the category.

The category will be deleted and removed from the KB. You will need to add the articles from this category to another category or they will not be accessible. 

Organize and rearrange categories

From the Knowledge Center > By Category tab, you can add categories into a parent category, or articles into categories, using drag and drop.   You can reorder categories as they appear in the by category list. Hover over the left side of the Actions column.

Drag and drop the category or article to the desired position. 

Note: Re-ordering categories in this view will NOT reorder them as they appear in the knowledgebase.

To reorder categories as they appear on the knowledgebase go to the KB's administration settings. See also: Configuring the Knowledgebase

Tip: Expand all or collapse all categories from the action icon (three dots) in the top right. 

Shown in KB

In the 'By Category' tab of your Knowledge Center there is a column called 'Shown in KB'. This column informs you of which KBs the category has been added. Remember categories are not visible on the KB until added to the KB. It is also possible to have multiple KBs with seperate or overlapping categories. 

You can also tell if a category is on a knowledgebase from the Articles grid. In the 'Article' tab, categories which are not on ANY KB will be indicated with a blue circle.