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Finding Projects: Common Reasons and Solutions

Sometimes when using OneDesk you may expect to have a project visible but you cannot find it. There are several reasons this may occur. Let’s look over reasons why you might not see certain projects and how to find these projects again.

Common reason 1: Restricted project scope

When viewing items in OneDesk, you can narrow down the project or portfolio scope in which you are interested with the project-level dropdown:

If you select a project or portfolio other than “All Projects”, you will only see projects/portfolios contained in that scope. For instance, in the below screenshot selecting “Sample Organization Portfolio” will display the two projects inside that portfolio, but will not show “New Project”:

To exit out of a restricted project scope, select the “X” in the corner of the scope in your view breadcrumbs:

This will take you back to the “All Projects” scope, and any projects previously not contained in this scope will now be visible.

Common reason 2: Restricted custom view

Depending on your custom views in OneDesk, certain projects may get filtered out. For example, if we are using a custom view to only show projects which do not have a finished lifecycle state, then all finished projects will be hidden.

Similarly to exiting a restricted project scope, you can exit a custom view by selecting the “X” beside its name in the breadcrumbs:

You will return to your default application view (“By Portfolio” for the Projects application for new OneDesk accounts), and any projects not included in your custom view will be visible.

Searching for projects

Now that you have expanded your views to their widest, try searching for the required project with the global search tool. Select the magnifying glass icon at the top of your screen, and enter the project name into the search. Be sure to switch to the “Projects” tab:

If the project you are looking for shows up here, it exists and you can access it in your Projects application as needed. Check off ‘include archived’ to also display archived projects or projects scheduled for deletion. 

If a project is still not visible in the search, there are some other reasons you might not see the project, see below.

Other reasons projects may be hidden from view

Project not shared with you and/or project set to private

When a project is created in OneDesk, the project's privacy level is set and is shared with users. If the project was not shared with you, it will not be visible in your Projects application. 

If you are an administrator user, you can view and automatically join any created project without needing to be invited, regardless of its privacy status. Non-administrators can browse projects not set to private, and must request permission to join. More on project roles.

Left a project or removed as a follower

If you/your team leave a project or are removed as followers of a project, you will no longer see the project in your view. If this has been done incorrectly, you can rediscover the project from the scope selector or you can be re-added to the project by a user with access. 

  • Scope selector at the top of your views side panel.
  • Change the project display to ‘not shared with me’.
  • The scope menu on the left will now display the names of projects not shared with you.
  • Admins can now browse through projects or join projects. 
  • Non admins can see project names and request access to a project. (Hover the project name in the menu and select 'Request to join').

For more on project discovery see the article: Project Discovery 

Project archived or scheduled for deletion

Archived projects are hidden from view by default. Additionally, when a project is scheduled to be deleted, the project is moved then deleted after 7 days have passed. You can search for a archived/scheduled for deletion project from the global search.

You can also browse or access these projects by moving to the appropriate scope.

Select the scope selector at the top of your views side panel. 

Click the tag and change the project display to archived or scheduled for deletion.

The project scope menu will change. Select the desired project in the menu to display it in your grid.

Projects scheduled for deletion will state beside their icon how many days are left until they are deleted, and can be unscheduled from deletion with the Actions menu. Note that once a project has been deleted, there is no way to recover it.

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